Types of Evaporative Coolers & Best Brands to Know

Types of Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative coolers provide excellent air quality. Importantly, they do not need chemical refrigerants and instead rely on water’s inherent cooling capacity. Compared to refrigerant AC systems, evaporative coolers require less maintenance, consume less electricity, and are considerably less prone to spill toxic chemicals. When purchasing an Evaporative cooler, it’s essential to have a basic understanding … Read more

How to Drain Water from an Evaporative Cooler (Tested Ways)

draining water from evaporative cooler

This year, your swamp cooler has performed well, and you want it to last for years to come. You may be wondering how to drain all the water from your evaporative cooler because temperature changes or standing water can destroy it while it’s not in use. We’ve already laid the groundwork for you and have … Read more

Evaporative Cooler Hacks: 13 Hacks You Should Know

Evaporative Cooler Hacks

In most cases, the summer causes the hotness of the environment that people cannot stay in the houses that they opt to use an evaporative cooler to help cool the home. When summer time reaches, the temperatures are always so high that you must have an idea of how to calm your house to be … Read more

How to remove rust from an evaporative cooler (7 Easy Ways)

remove rust from evaporative cooler

An evaporative cooler is a machine that works by removing water in the house. The water they release is the one that causes the rust on their surfaces.   The rust forms when the evaporative cooler drains away all the water from the house, after which it can remain on the cooler, causing the rust. … Read more