How to Replace a Swamp Cooler Float With Pictures

Replace a Swamp Cooler Float

A simple float valve inside a swamp cooler controls the water level. The swamp cooler can overfill if the float valve isn’t working correctly, causing water to escape out the sides or through the overflow release. A leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water each week. That is common because swamp cooler float valves … Read more

How to Hookup or Repair a Swamp Cooler Water Line

Hookup a Swamp Cooler Water Line

The swamp coolers are usually applicable in places with very low moisture. They are also known as evaporative coolers, and they have that name because they put some moisture to cool down hot places, and they are found in many places, including the factories. Also, they prevent the hot places from any damage or from … Read more

How to Install a Thermostat on an Evaporative Swamp Cooler

Install Thermostat on Evaporative Swamp Cooler

A manual switch is used to turn on and off almost all Swamp Coolers. However, a thermostat can also operate a unit. Thermostat controllers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The DIAL 7617 is one of the most popular thermostats, but many others to choose from. It can turn on and off a … Read more

How Many Open Windows Does a Swamp Cooler Need?

how many open windows does a swamp cooler need

A swamp cooler is a device that needs windows to be open for it to work effectively. The windows can be in the ventilation area, and some can be the outside doors that need to be available to provide air to the cooler when running.  The windows offer an open space to get out the … Read more

Swamp Cooler Smells Like Fish – What to Do?

swamp cooler smells like fish

When using your swamp cooler, you always feel good when it produces a sweet smell for the nose. If your cooler is fresh, you feel better than maintaining it well because it makes cool air that must smell fresh. However, you can use the cooler for a while when you notice a terrible odor that … Read more

Swamp Cooler Spraying Water – What to Do?

swamp cooler spraying water

During the summer season, most areas experience the hot climate that they need swamp coolers to provide cool air for good comfort in the house. The swamp cooler can work for some time, then start misbehaving that it sprays water when cooling.  When having such an issue, the user must solve the problem before causing … Read more

Does an Evaporative Cooler Increase Humidity?

run evaporative swamp cooler all day

Most people prefer calling the evaporative coolers swamp coolers, and many things such as humidity can affect them. The swamp coolers are in areas with low moisture or dry areas such as Texas since too much water can affect them and degrade their performance. It is most likely for them to fail to function in … Read more

Can You Run An Evaporative Cooler All Day?

run evaporative swamp cooler all day

Evaporative swamp coolers are commonly known as evaporative coolers. Sometimes, people may wish to run the evaporative coolers all day and keep asking whether it is possible to run the evaporative cooler all day. The answer differs depending on the user. Sometimes, it is possible to run the evaporative cooler all day since it keeps … Read more

How Often Should an Evaporative Cooler Dump Water?

how often evaporative cooler dump water

You own an evaporative water cooler and want to make sure it’s in good operating order. Water is drained from an evaporative cooler. If your evaporative water cooler isn’t working correctly, you may need to call for help. We’ve researched for you to rest assured that your water cooler is dumping at the correct time. … Read more

Can You Put Ice in an Evaporative Cooler?

can you put ice in evaporative cooler

Most homeowners using the evaporative cooler tend to use the ice as a hack of using the unit, thinking it is a way of increasing the cooling rate of the room. If we reason it out, yeah, the ice indeed increases the cooling capacity that we can all choose to use the ice. Ice packs … Read more